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Pot is a plant,
That grows in the ground.
If God didn’t want it,
It wouldn’t be around.
So all you fuckers that don’t get high,
Shut the fuck up and give it a try.

What’s your excuse if we don’t believe in god?


…which include, raver, rave girl, fluffies, etc., only to find a bunch of hipster high schoolers talking about how much they love “rolling face” ugh even when I was in high school and did ecstasy at parties, I was NEVER that much of a dirtbag. What’s wrong with you people? And how the fuck is…

._. ^ it’s stuff she just mentioned, it’s what makes me angry.

I’m under aged, I can’t go to most raves only the small ones for all ages. ._. But I wont take E, I don’t dress in showy outfits, I don’t brag. . n . And I damned well know a lot more than dubstep, trance, house and all that jazz. xD

Yeah. Went there.

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